3R Pharma is on a mission to unlock and exploit the potential of cannabinoid-based medicines for serious ophthalmic conditions, that currently have limited or no treatment options. In order to provide an effective solution to ocular health issues, 3R Pharma is developing a patented ocular treatment method using cannabinoid-based formulations.



Chronic ocular surface diseases affect between 15-20% of the global population. For most of these chronic ailments, there are no long-term treatments, no FDA-approved protocols while exiting antibiotics or steroids can not be used continuously without significant side effects.



We have partnered with CanNegev Incubator that was established as a joint venture of Perrigo/Padagis, BOL Pharma, OurCrowd, and Israeli Innovation Authority, and received seed funding from the Israeli Innovation Authority to initiate our research.

We are committed to the development of innovative approaches to ocular therapies ocular therapies

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