Board of


Michael Rubinov

Chairman of the Board

Michael Rubinov is a business executive with broad experience in sales, marketing, business strategy, and international business development.  Michael holds BsEE from New York Institute of Technology, a Master of Science (Ms.CS) from  Stevens Institute of Technology, and an MBA from Bradford (UK) School of Management.

Michael brings vast business knowledge coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to succeed through learning and perseverance.

Israel Birenbaum

Board Director

Israel BIrenbaum is CEO of Cannegev Incubator. With extensive experience in Bio-Technology companies and  CEO at several companies – startup as well as mature one. Held executive positions in global enterprises. Hands on Business development and strategy, Sales and Marketing, Clinical and regulations, Finance, Investments and Funding, multidisciplinary developments and operations.

Israel holds MBA, Bar Ilan University (with honors) and B.Sc., Computer Science Engineer, Technion (with honors).

Ziv Beit Or

Board Director

Ziv is VP Business Development for CanNegev and brings vast experienced in medical cannabis companies. Served as a CEO at several companies – startup global projects, international, agriculture and civilian infrastructure. Various positions in global companies.
Main expertise -Business development and strategy, Sales and Marketing, medical cannabis regulations, Finance, Investments and Funding.

Ziv holds B.A in Economics from Hebrew University, M.A in Industrial engineering from Ben Gurion University and M.A in Strategic management from Bar Ilan University.

Dr. Greg Rubin

Co-Founder, Board Director

With over 30 years of business experience, Dr.Greg Rubin has branded himself as an international serial entrepreneur, investor and inventor. Dr.Rubin holds several patents to his name. Greg’s international experience includes planning oil and gas infrastructure projects, oil trading, energy, technology, and refinery development. In addition to the oil and energy sector, Greg has extensive knowledge and experience in the blockchain and crypto world. He is currently serving as the CEO of First Bitcoin Capital Corp, the first publicly traded company in the bitcoin and crypto space. Greg is also a co-author for a bestselling book, has appeared on television, radio, and podcasts as subject matter expert. Through his analysis of the commodities and financial markets worldwide, he brings an invaluable level of management, investor relations, market analysis and business philosophy that guides companies into future opportunities

Expertise: physical petroleum trading, BITCOIN and cryptocurrency development, Bitcoin Exchange platforms design, Cannabis, Biotechnology.

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