15.12.2021 3R Pharma LTD announces seed investment


3R Pharma announced seed investment.

Founded in 2019, 3R Pharma is a vertically integrated research and development biopharmaceutical company focused on ophthalmological conditions such as Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease (DED) through research, development, and commercialization of natural medicines such as cannabinoids (CBD) and naturally-derived botanical drugs. The Company filed for one patent and currently patent pending.

3R Pharma has partnered with start-ups incubator “CanNegev” www.cannegev.com. The incubator was established as a joint venture between BOL Pharma (the most prominent medical cannabis products manufacturer in Israel), Perrigo (A global generic pharma manufacturer), OurCrowd (the largest venture capital investment fund in Israel), and Israeli Innovation Authority. After an extensive due diligence process by CanNegev advisory board as well as due diligence by the Innovation Authority, the company has received seed funding to initiate the development of ophthalmic therapy, based on active ingredients of the cannabis plant.

Michael Rubinov the founder and the CEO of the company said: ” We have worked hard to get to this moment after almost 2 years of research and learning on how cannabinoids can have a positive therapeutic impact on chronic ocular surface diseases. The fact that we have passed due diligence twice and received seed investment from the CanNegev incubator and the Innovation Authority is the strongest backing of our product vision and our company direction.”

Located in Yeruham, CanNegev incubator provides office space as well as a fully equipped formulation/chemistry lab that will enable 3R pharma to immediately initiate its R&D and product development.

For more information www.3Rpharma.com

Michael Rubinov, Founder and CEO

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